Elway and Tebow – Round One Update from Tahoe


Round 1 at the American Century Championship is complete and John Elway and Tim Tebow find themselves on opposite ends of the scoreboard.  Elway scored a total of 17 points during his Friday round, which puts him in a tie for 9th place with four other athletes/actors turned professional golfers.

 While Elway managed to work his way near the top of the scoreboard, Tebow will have to grind out the two rounds this weekend to prevent falling closer to the bottom.  Heading into the weekend, Tebow is in sole possession of 65th place with a score of minus five. 

 If you play golf or watch golf on television, you know that being in the red (-) is good, while having a high score (+) is bad; however, the American Century Championship utilizes the Stableford Scoring System.  This method of scoring awards different amounts of points to golfers for pars, birdies, eagles, while deducting points (-2) for double bogies or worse.  Unlike the golfers playing in The British Open this weekend, celebrities playing in Tahoe this weekend want to score the highest score possible.

 Tebow is scheduled to tee off at 8:15 a.m. with Jason Kidd and Andy Pettitte.  Kidd and Pettitte have one and four points, respectively.

Elway tees off approximately two hours behind Tebow and will be golfing with Tony Romo and John Smoltz.  Romo finds himself tied in fifth place with 19 points and Smoltz accumulated 18 points on Friday, which puts him in eighth place.

The tournament will be televised on NBC this weekend from noon – 3 p.m. (PT)

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