Knowshon Moreno A Bust?


In Woody Paige’s mailbag today, the columnist addressed where Knowshon Moreno has been this off season, and well, Know no one knows.

That raises a bunch of questions surrounding the running back.

Was Moreno worth a No. 12 draft selection in the 2009 draft? Did the Broncos get the player that they thought they were getting? Where has he been working out this off season? Why do the Broncos need to look for a big-name back in the free agent market?

Paige offers this insight based on information from inside sources.

"What I do know — from someone who worked closely with Josh (McDaniels) and is someone I trust to tell me the truth — is that after the draft, McDaniels and the staff believed privately they made a big mistake on Moreno. He was not what they thought. He hasn’t been tough, smart, motivated, if that’s what you’re asking. He has been a bust. I’ve said it before. He’s not a great clubhouse guy. Interpret that how you want, and he’s been a wimp on the field. – Woody Paige (Denver Post)"

This is Moreno’s make or break year, so whatever’s he’s doing now had better get him ready for at least 16 productive games.

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