Should Broncos No. 1 Priority In Free Agency Be Running Back?


Thanks to Woody Paige’s in-depth interview with head coach John Fox last week, Broncos fans were informed of many things regarding the direction of the team.

One statement in particular turned heads surrounding the Broncos primary goal in free agency.

"“We were 13th on offense last year. I certainly want more balance. We’ve got to run the ball more and better, and (another) running back is our No. 1 priority (in free agency).” –John Fox to the Denver Post"

Running the ball was certainly a major issue for the Broncos. They averaged 96.5 yards per game which was 26th in the league. The team would have been ranked lower had Tim Tebow not picked up the pace on the ground in his last three games as a starter.

Knowshon Moreno averaged 4.3 yards per game for 13 games, but much criticism surrounded the second-year back out of Georgia. After missing most of training camp due to injury, Moreno only carried the ball 182 times. The disapproval of the young back came from his troubles getting positive yards and his low production for being a No. 12 draft selection overall.

It’s apparent that the Broncos need an experienced back that is still in his prime to help Moreno out.

Fox’s statement was surprising, however, because the Broncos also desperately need help on the defensive line. They didn’t address the position in the draft and with a run defense that was ranked 31st in the league, giving up 154.6 yards per game, clogging the middle was a major issue on the Broncos’ line. The team also gave up a league high 26 rushing touchdowns. To contrast, three of the four conference championship teams (the Packers, Ravens, and Ravens) gave up no more than six rushing touchdowns on the year.

The Broncos currently lack size and options on the line, and they will undoubtedly make this area a priority in free agency. But should it be the No. 1 priority? I’ll let you be the judge.