Shannon Sharpe To Pay Tribute To Grandmother At HOF Induction


What if I told you that there was an older woman deep down south that was partially responsible for the Denver Broncos two Super Bowl victories. What if I told you that she played a major role in the team’s success in the late 90s not because of some superstitious ritual, but because of her ability to raise a young man into arguably one of the most competitive and respected football players in the game’s history despite residing in poor living conditions.

Mary Porter was Shannon Sharpe’s grandmother. She was also his rock. Unfortunately, Porter passed away last week at the age of 89 due to complications from diabetes. This comes just one month before Sharpe is inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. According to Sharpe,

"“She’ll be able to hear my (Hall of Fame) speech now,” Sharpe said. “She would not have been able to understand my speech in the body she was in. She’ll be able to hear my speech in the body she has now.” – Mike Klis (Denver Post)"

In addition to raising Shannon, Porter also raised his older sister and brother, including former Packers’ wide receiver, Sterling Sharpe. I would highly suggest reading the story that the Denver Post wrote about the Sharpe’s and their grandmother.

Mary Porter played such an important part in Shannon’s life that she will be the main focus in his Hall of Fame speech next month, and it will be Sterling who will present his brother at the induction ceremony.

Predominantly Orange will be in Canton to cover Sharpe’s enshrinement into one of the most respected Hall of Fame’s in all of sports.

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