Who Could Be A Two-Sport Standout


It takes a special athlete to play in the NFL, so when considering what other professional athletes might also be able to play in the NFL, it’s a stretch to say anyone would be the perfect fit.

NFL.com asked NFL players which athlete from another sport could take the field as a football player and be successful. Nearly everyone chose a basketball player. LeBron James was a popular choice, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Charles Barkley, and Allen Iverson were also named. Go here to watch the video.

If I had to fill a Broncos roster with professional athletes from other sports, my offense would look like this:

Left tackle – Fighter Kimbo Slice

Left guard – Timberwolves forward Kevin Love

Center – Charles Barkley

Right guard – Boxer Mike Tyson

Right tackle – Wayne Gretsky (incredible footwork)

Wide receiver #1 – Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury

Wide receiver #2 – Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter

Tight end – Clippers forward Blake Griffin

Full back – UFC fighter Chuck Liddell

Running back – Olympic sprinter Michael Johnson

Quarterback – Nets guard Deron Williams

Stay tuned tomorrow to see who I picked for defense.

Leave a comment and tell us who you would put on your roster.

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