An 8-game NFL season in 2011??

Daniel Kaplan of the SportsBusiness Journal is reporting that the NFL has a plan for a season that could be as short as 8 regular-season games. For some of you that may bring back memories of the 1982 season in which only 9 games were played prior to a strange tournament-style playoffs.

I have no doubt that a season of some length will be played; there is just too much money at stake. But an 8 game season is just ridiculous. It would be over in the blink of an eye and then everyone would be unfulfilled with the outcome. Crowning a Super Bowl Champion after half a season would just feel wrong. Of course, if the season was completed after just 8 games, the Broncos would have won several division titles over the last 5 years. Maybe there is something to this after all!

Read the story here and let us know what you think.

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