Did the Broncos Hire the Right Employees?


I am sure the completion of the recent NFL Draft, as well as the NFL Combine,  is fairly similar to the basic hiring procedures followed by many companies in the USA.

When hiring new employees, leaders are generally looking for individuals who will fit well into the existing group, bring a positive attitude, and most importantly, be able to contribute to the overall success of the department/company.  No one wants to hire a person if they’re going to be a negative impact to the team.  When it comes time to make a decision, managers or supervisors can only evaluate the information before them and hope their instinct is correct.  Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Similar hiring principals may be followed by NFL coaches and their staff.  During the NFL Combine, players will be interviewed and then have an opportunity to put their talent on display by participating in various physical tests.  Leading up to draft day, coaches and numerous other individuals will evaluate all information and make the best decisions they can – hoping to find players (employees) that will help their team (company).  As with hiring a typical worker, you may hit the jackpot with an A-Player, or the person you choose may not pan out.

Unlike some jobs in America, success in the NFL is easily seen and measured, and we happily watch each season.  Each position has statistics that indicate how a player performs from week to week.  An individual’s success, or lack of, ultimately roles up into team goals, which then feed into wins and losses.

So, did the Bronco leaders hire the right employees last weekend?  Time will only tell, but one thing is definitely for sure – Von Miller, Rahim Moore, Orlando Franklin, Nate Irving, Quinton Carter, Julius Thomas, Mike Mohamed, Virgil Green, and Jeremy Beal will be evaluated each and every week; not only by the coaching staff, but by many Bronco fans.  In a typical company, an employee will receive a performance review a few times each year.  The end result, if positive, will earn the employee a superior rating; if the results are bad, the employee will earn a “needs improvement.”  Anything less than superior for the new employees in the Broncos’ organization is not acceptable, but is this expectation truly realistic?  Afterall, it is very difficult starting a new job, feeling comfortable, and learning everything there is to learn (even without an audience).  I don’t know how the new-hires will fit into the Denver Broncos, but I do know it will be fun to watch the bosses and employees work!

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