Emotions On Display For Newly Drafted Broncos


Just seconds after receiving the phone call that would forever change his life, Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller couldn’t hold back the tears. As NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell declared him the second overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Miller hugged family and friends backstage and then joined Goodell to pose for pictures while holding the orange and blue No. 1 jersey of the Denver Broncos.

“I saw the 303 Area Code, and I knew immediately who it was,” Miller said. “I had flashbacks to all the homework that I’ve been putting in every single day since little league football…every time that people said I couldn’t do it, and I had that flashback you know. I was just extremely anxious for my opportunity to go into the league and prove myself.”

The next day, a similar show of emotion was displayed by UCLA safety Rahim Moore, who also cried while he kissed the Broncos hat that was given to him and bear hugged former Broncos great Shannon Sharpe, who had just announced his name as Denver’s second pick of the draft.

The NFL Draft is a good showcase of boys who have become men, become boys once again. The countless hours of hard work and preparation come to a head in one moment of memories, and with that reminiscence, the realization that they will be able to compete at the highest level and showcase the talents that have brought them this far. All of this accumulates into a show of emotion that at any other time would make them seem weak. Tears of joy run down their faces as they realize that the dream they have had since little league football has finally come true.

This show of emotion is of course not limited to only those players drafted by the Broncos, but it is good to see that these men who are so passionate about football are just as enthusiastic about playing the game in the Mile High City.

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