Bronco QB Talk

By Editorial Staff

All is quiet on the Broncos front and it will remain that way until Friday March 11 – the new deadline for the CBA. Unlike last week where Jamal Williams and Justin Bannan were cut, Daniel Graham was released, Laurence Maroney was sent packing, and Kevin Vickerson re-signed with the team for two more years, this week will be calm at Dove Valley.

Over the weekend, reports surfaced suggesting that the Minnesota Vikings were interested in acquiring Kyle Orton from the Broncos. What a stir that would cause in the Windy City. However, according to Pro Football Talk, the Broncos want to keep the veteran quarterback on their roster. John Fox has said “Kyle Orton’s our starter” if the season were to begin today. However, the new head coach has also said that he’s open to a QB competition once practice resumes. And that mean all three QBs – Orton, Tim Tebow, and Brady Quinn – will be vying for the job.

That brings me to Brady Quinn. He didn’t play in a regular season game in 2010, and his time with the Browns was sub-par. We got him for relatively the price of an ice cream cone in 1940, and any kind of contributing performance by the former first rounder would have been like hitting the lottery. Instead, Quinn didn’t prove himself enough to take a snap, and we had to watch Peyton Hillis tear it up on the ground as a Brown. That was a nice kick to the gut from Josh McDaniels.  

So, what happens with our three quarterbacks from here on out? Will all three be there in training camp or will some team swoop one of them off the trading block?

Only time will tell if Orton was time (and money) well spent.

Here’s to a peaceful week in Bronco Nation.

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