Bailey Remains A Bronco

By Editorial Staff

And then there was light!

Champ Bailey and the Broncos reached an agreement to keep the Pro Bowl corner in the Mile High City. The deal, worth $43 million over four years, practically ensures that Bailey will retire a Bronco.

Bailey took a small pay cut to stay with the team during this rebuilding process. That speaks the volumes in a world where star athletes will flee “Their” city for a chance for more money or immediate success. Was that a Carmelo Anthony echo that I just heard?

Bailey could have easily walked over to an immediate contender or made beaucoup bucks with another team, but as promised, his loyalty is with the Broncos.

Woody Paige called it correctly. He said that the corner talked to him in the Invesco tunnel following the last game of the season, and told him that he wanted to stay in Denver.

It looks as though Pat Bowlen and Joe Ellis made the right move in hiring John Elway. Elway played a major role in bringing in defensive minded head coach John Fox and former Saints’ secondary coach Dennis Allen. Allen’s prior experience with the secondary means that he has a soft spot for guys who play that position.

Perhaps Bailey liked the hiring decisions and sees a future with the Broncos sooner rather than later.

Regardless, we’re happy to see Bailey sign on the dotted line and remain in Denver.

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