A Broncos’ Love Affair

By Editorial Staff

Happy sniper in a diaper day. As cupid hovers around, let’s hope he spends some extra time with the Denver Broncos. They’re an organization that needs some lovin’.

After too many years of failing to make a playoff appearance, and combining for a 12-20 record over the past two seasons, the Broncos have come close if not hit rock bottom. Despite this, we still, well, love our team.

The Broncos have one of the best fan bases in all of sports with the 300+ consecutive sellouts and a large season-ticket waiting list. The trickle-down effect has become apparent as Broncos fans pass tradition and loyalty down to the next generation.

In my post on Saturday, I said,

"“Many non-football lovers ask me why I love the sport so much as a woman. That’s the hardest-easiest question I get. It’s like asking you to describe why you love someone. You love someone because of all the cherished times you have spent together, because of all the ways they accept you, the subtle acts of affection and beauty they offer you, and the way their existence is your insurance that you will never be numb. Because you are at peace in their company and because they lead you to your actual self. Because you can’t imagine not.”"

If the Broncos were a person, that would be my love letter to them.

May we all love and be loved this way.

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