CBA Talk Cancelled

By Editorial Staff

A year without football? That’s akin to a year without Santa Claus. Please gift wrap me a new collective bargaining agreement before the March 4 deadline, NFL execs. I swear I don’t need anything for Christmas next year – just an NFL season sitting under the decorated tree.

The NFL and the players union met in Washington (can we please change the setting of the meeting to get something accomplished?) Wednesday afternoon to hash out the new CBA. It was their second meeting in five days, and they were scheduled to meet today as well, but talks broke down reportedly over negotiations about the blueprint for splitting up money.

"“Mort reports that the NFLPA proposed a split of roughly 50-50 between players and owners, and that the owners walked away from the table in response.Apparently, the meeting — which lasted far less than the expected nine hours — got off to a bad start when the NFL’s negotiating team supposedly interpreted the players’ proposal of 49-to-51 cents on the dollar as being the cut of “total football revenue,” not “all revenue.”Currently, the players get 59.6 cents of each dollar of ‘total football revenue,” a number that is roughly $1 billion less than all revenue generated by the sport.” – Pro Football Talk"

This could be a very long road ahead.

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