Orton Still Considered Broncos Starter


There is perhaps no more scrutinized position in all of Denver sports than the quarterback position for the Denver Broncos.

It is the topic of choice around water coolers wherever Broncos fans are found and any new news quickly pulses through the media’s veins straight into the hearts of  Broncos fans.  That is why it is no shock that the recent news of John Elway’s comments on the starting quarterback position for the Broncos have caused somewhat of a stir.

Elway, the V.P. of Football Operations for the Denver Broncos, made several appearances on nationally syndicated programs while promoting VISA for the NFL.  It is no surprise that the question of the quarterback position came up in conversations during the appearances.  What may have been surprising was his answer to those questions.

Elway said,  “Kyle (Orton) is the starting QB.”

This may have come as a shock to most Bronco fans, as Tim Tebow has been viewed as the odds-on favorite since the season ended.  But is the comment really so surprising?

With the end of the 2010 Broncos season only a few weeks removed and a tricky collective bargaining agreement still to be hashed out, The Broncos have time to analyze what is best for that position and avoid rushing to any conclusions.

Elway has made it clear that Tebow still needs the attention of their staff in order to make him a great quarterback.  While this may be true, one must look ahead to the current labor agreement and how that might affect Tebow’s development.

In the event of a lockout, players are prohibited from having any sort of contact with head or position coaches.  This means no offensive coordinator Mike McCoy or quarterbacks coach Adam Gase.

It is unwise and unfair to expect Tebow, coming into his second year, to go the entire off-season with no coaching, to starting once the CBA comes to an agreement.  Whether it is Orton, or another player, it is a smart move by the Broncos to have a veteran on hand in the event that Tebow struggles with that kind of transition.

Even if there is an off-season and training-camp, new coach John Fox will want to see competition between Orton and Tebow.  Part of Tebow’s learning process will come with how well he handles that.  In fact, one thing Fox has been consistent with throughout his tenure in the NFL is that he will explore all of his options very carefully, making sure not to shut any doors before the best decision for the football team is made.

With this being said, there is also the possibility that the statements are nothing more than a smoke screen.

Any good poker player knows that you can’t win if you show the other players your hand.  It is no different in the NFL.  If the Broncos did plan on trading Kyle Orton, what would letting other teams know you are looking to trade him do to his draft value besides making it plummet?

Regardless of what happens, it is clear that the Broncos are carefully weighing all of their options, and looking to make the best and most informed decision that they can when it comes to the most talked about position on the team.

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