Champ Bailey Worth The Money



Jim Mora booked it out of town before the Broncos could nab him as defensive coordinator, so now the team has turned to Saints’ secondary coach Dennis Allen. The team met with Allen today in Charlotte, NC. 

Allen works under defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who the Broncos tried to interview, but Williams turned down the request. Allen has been with the Saints for five seasons, and worked as a defensive line coach for the Atlanta Falcons for four years.  

His extensive experience in multiple areas on defense is appealing considering the Broncos need help stopping the run and the pass.

Allen’s experience with the Saints’ secondary is impressive. The Saints finished 4th in pass defense this year. He was with the team when they won the Super Bowl last year, and he knows what the defense of a Super Bowl contender is supposed to look like.

I think most importantly, bringing Allen in might result in Champ Bailey making the decision to stay here. Allen knows what players in the secondary go through when there’s no pressure up front, and with Allen’s tendency to relate to the secondary more, Bailey may find that very appealing in terms of change being on the way.  

As far as the Bailey situation goes, Woody Paige thinks that Bailey will stay, but the decision lies with the four-headed horsemen (Joe Ellis, John Elway, Brian Xanders, and John Fox).  

As long as Bailey finds the contract offer to be reasonably fit for what he brings to the team and as long as he has faith in the ability of the coaching staff to turn things around in Denver quickly, then Bailey would like to stay put and end his career a Bronco. If he feels undervalued, he’s made it clear that he will pack his bags.

As we know, this is a player worth laying the big money down for. John Elway probably knows that too. As a former quarterback, it’s hard to imagine not being able to throw the ball to one part of the field because you know a particular cornerback is going to intercept the ball or at least deflect it.

The Broncos need to make a financial and faith based investment in this defense for the team to turn the corner.

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