Jim Mora Doesn’t Sign With The Broncos


It was touchdown and bolt for Jim Mora who met with the Broncos yesterday. Mora is John Fox’s pick for defensive coordinator, but it was reported that the former Falcons and Seahawks head coach flew out of Denver last night before reaching an agreement with the team.

The Broncos would have to dig deeper into the pockets to get Mora to sign with the team, but after going through six defensive coordinators in as many years, now is time to pony up the cash.

With Mike McCoy returning as offensive coordinator, he’s familiar with the players that are on the roster. All he has to do is brush up on Fox’s system.

The new defensive coordinator that comes in has a lot more work to do. If the Broncos switch to a 4-3 alignment, expect major changes in the roster and big moves in the draft. Jamal Williams and Ryan McBean won’t fit into the 4-3, and Kevin Vickerson is probably out too. The team is without any true blue tackles for the alignment, and as we know, the aging secondary is a concern in and of itself.

The rebuilding process has started, yet the Broncos are still in limbo at the defensive coordinator position. It’s a little analogous to how the Broncos defense played in 2010 – in a constant state of uncertainty. They get the stops on first or second down, but then fail to seal the deal by giving up a big play on third down.

Hopefully, the Broncos didn’t give up the big play by not getting Mora to sign on the dotted line. He’s what this team needs and what the fans deserve. The Broncos need to blitz on this opportunity and get him out of the broadcast booth.

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