QBs Impact Broncos’ Draft


Tim Tebow is Denver’s quarterback, but is he John Fox’s quarterback? 

After proving to be an incredible running quarterback, has Tebow done enough to prove that he can be the arm of the Broncos future?

It appears that Fox isn’t so quick to jump on the Tebow train.

"“Sometimes, it comes down to playing the quarterback who gives your team the best chance to win.” – John Fox (Denver Post)"

Also quoted in Mark Kiszla’s article, Fox said that he’s neither Tebow’s most die-hard supporter nor his biggest critic.

"“”I’m somewhere in the middle,” said Fox."

So are we back to where we were last year when there was a QB competition on the plate? Without Brady Quinn taking a snap this season, the competition has obviously been narrowed down to two. 

Tebow VS. Orton. Legs VS. Arm. Pure athleticism VS. NFL experience.

There’s a very good chance that Fox is using those statements to implant the thought of a potential QB competition in Denver just to raise the stock of Orton’s trade value. Fox is a run-oriented coach, and he’s probably drooling over Tebow’s running ability.

Fox is also a big fan of Tebow – the man. During Friday’s press conference, Fox told a story about meeting Tebow last year during a pre-draft dinner. The NFL coach and the young kid went out to eat at a nice restaurant. When the bill came to the table, Tebow put his credit card down, and wanted to pay. Fox didn’t let that happen, but he said that he’s never had an NFL prospect coming out of college offer to pay for a meal. That’s Tebow for you.

My crystal ball still sees Kyle Orton packing his bags for somewhere like Minnesota, Arizona, or Tennessee.

The Broncos should get a second round draft pick if they decide to trade Orton. With only six draft picks in this year’s draft, the team needs to stockpile picks, particularly to add some defensive help.

Fox has not said whether or not he’s going to stick with the 3-4 or change over to the 4-3. If the team makes the defensive switch, they will need to hoard draft picks and get busy in the free agent market.

It turns out that Tebow and Orton have as much an impact on this year’s draft as the defensive alignment.

In the name of a successful draft and a successful quarterback, the Broncos would do themselves a favor by trading Orton away so the team can move forward with the rebuilding process. It’s nothing against Orton – he’s a good QB – but his individual numbers have not translated into wins.

With Orton, the talent is there, but the heart often needs an artificial jump. With Tebow, the heart is on his sleeve, but the talent needs to be finely groomed.

At this point, it’s time to go with heart. I think John Elway would agree.

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