The Broncos Long List Of Candidates


The Broncos have been inundated with coaching candidates over the past week. In case you’re a little out of the loop regarding the search, here’s a quick breakdown of who interviewed and who did not.

1. Eric Studesville – The Broncos interim head coach went 1-3 during his tenure as top dog. Many don’t expect him to return as head coach because of his lack of experience in the area. He interviewed with the team on Sunday. “Preparing for this moment is something that’s been ongoing for a period of time – years,” Studesville said of being given the opportunity to interview. “I’ve been gathering things and keeping things for years in hopes that this possibility would come up at some point in time.”

2. Perry Fewell – As the New York Giants’ defensive coordinator, Fewell led his 8th ranked rush defense and 9th ranked pass defense to some great accomplishments. His team was 5th in the league in sacks and 1st in forced fumbles. Fewell also met with the team on Sunday. “It’s a situation you are so excited about that you’re ready to jump out of your skin,” Fewell said about being granted an interview. “You have all these plans that you want to put into action, all these beliefs, and you’re trying to draw upon your years of experience in coaching to say ‘Hey, yes I can do this job.'”

3.  Rick Dennison – The candidate with the most experience with the Broncos is undoubtedly Rick Dennison. He played for the team in the 80’s and was an assistant coach for the squad from ’95-’09 before becoming the Houston Texans’ offensive coordinator. Dennison met up with all of the familiar faces on Tuesday. “It’s a position and an organization that’s an honor just to be mentioned,” Dennison said. “I love the state of Colorado and I love the Broncos.”

4. Dirk Koetter – The Jaguars’ offensive coordinator led an offense that was ranked 3rd in rushing and 27th in passing. Gregg Williams (Saints’ defensive coordinator) endorsed Koetter for the position. The Jags went 8-8 on the year. Koetter interviewed on Tuesday. “I’m somewhat of a unique candidate here because I was a head college coach for nine years, so I know what it’s like to sit in the chair on a lesser level, and there’s no way you can ever get ready until you’re in the seat. No coach who has not been a head coach is ready. You think you are…When you’re sitting in the chair, it’s different,” Koetter said.

5. John Fox – This is the candidate with the most head coaching experience in the NFL. As the head coach for the Panthers, Fox took the team to the Super Bowl in 2003 and the NFC Championship game in 2005. However, this year, the team went 2-14 on the season. Fox is scheduled to interview with the Broncos on Wednesday. “I’ve been doing it and I have a plan, whether it’s a bye week schedule, training camp schedule,” Fox said. “It’s not my first time … we have had success, some years more than others, with a full body of work with a blueprint for success.” (Denver Post)

At one time of another, the Broncos had interest in three other candidates, but have been turned down for an interview.

1. Jim Harbaugh – Stanford Alum John Elway tried to coax the Stanford head coach to the Rocky Mountains, but he quickly accepted the position as the San Francisco 49ers head coach.

2. Gregg Williams – Some thought that the defensive coordinator would interview with the Broncos once the Saints’ season was over, and he did in fact schedule an interview with the team this week. However, he withdrew his name on Tuesday.

3. Mike Mularkey – Mularkey scheduled an interview with the Broncos prior to the playoffs, but then cancelled it saying that he wanted to wait until the playoffs were over for his Falcons. If the Broncos do not hire anyone from above, Mularkey may still interview for the team after his season is over.

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