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Asomugha Not To Be A Bronco


Nnamdi Asomugha. Part of his last name (pronounced Awesome-wah) captures it all.

He’s one of Mike Shanahan’s favorite players in the league, and now he’s on the auction block  free agent market. The Oakland Raiders were made aware yesterday that their Pro Bowl cornerback’s contract had been voided because he played fewer snaps this year than in 2009 and didn’t make as many big plays on defense. It turns out that the terms of a contract can make or break a roster.

The Broncos are not immune to cornerback issues of their own. Champ Bailey is considering moving on from the Broncos’ organization, leaving a huge gap to be filled in the secondary.

I’ve heard a few fans say that if Bailey leaves, the Broncos should go after Asomugha. That’s not likely to happen, and here’s why.

One reason that Bailey would leave is if he doesn’t feel valued by the team. The Broncos halted contract talks with him in October (under the McDaniels regime). Under the new front office alignment and coaching staff, things could very well change and the team could give Bailey what he’s asking for. But Bailey still needs to decide if he wants to stick around for another rebuilding year, and take a pay cut if that’s the case. He’s closing in on the end of his career and may want to move on to a team that has a chance of making it to the Super Bowl soon. Back to the money issue, the Broncos have slim pickings. They will be paying three coaches next season (Shanahan, McDaniels, and the new coach), and don’t have much to spend anyway. Do they spend it on Bailey or keep their money under the mattress for someone else?

Because money is such a big determinant in bringing Bailey back, Asomugha probably won’t want to come to the Broncos and the Broncos probably don’t want to entertain the idea either. The winning pieces aren’t in place (yet?) and the team isn’t in the position to offer him the kind of contract that he’s hoping to get.

The Broncos could get a younger corner (he’s 30 years old) by signing him, but as we’ve learned, a stellar secondary doesn’t make a defense. He’s not worth the money. If money-thrower, Al Davis, is ponying up the cash then let him sink with his ship. 

There have been reports that Asomugha could want to go to the Packers or the Jets with both teams being on the playoff train. Not to mention, he’s close friends with Packers’ legendary cornerback Charles Woodson, and he would love to play in a secondary with Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie in New York.

Asomugha would be a great addition to an already established defense that can afford to pay him. The Broncos are certainly nowhere close to that.

Denver will look to the draft to help build their defense of the future. Whether or not Bailey is there to show the rookies the ropes is another question.

Here’s hoping that a deal gets done and the Champ can end his career a Bronco.

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