Life Between College And The Pros: A Tim Tebow Story


I just finished watching ESPN’s Tim Tebow: Everything In Between documentary. The major sports network declared 2011 ‘The Year of the Quarterback’ and will look at all aspects of the most highly watched position in football.

The documentary gave viewers a glimpse into Tebow’s life from the end of the Sugar Bowl until he was picked in the 2010 draft. From hiring his agent, Jimmy Sexton, to being sick during the Senior Bowl to shooting the controversial Super Bowl ad with his mother, the film captured it all.

One of the most prominent things that stood out in my mind was how much Tebow listened to his critics on television and the radio. It’s obvious that criticism only adds fuel to the fire, motivating the quarterback to work harder and prove the doubters wrong.

Players and coaches alike have said that Tebow is one of the hardest working athletes that they’ve come across. That can be seen in the film as Tebow worked out to prepare for the NFL scouts and his first NFL season. He started his days at 7:30 a.m. with a speed workout followed by a throwing session. Then, he would ice himself and lift weights before his second throwing session of the day.

The documentary captured Tebow’s willingness and hard work in changing his throwing motion to make it more “NFL acceptable.” The work came in the form of getting the ball up higher, and taking the loop out of his throws, so the ball comes out quicker.

The progress made by Tebow was obviously enough to make Josh McDaniels draft him in the first round. Tebow went through a six hour interview with McDaniels, Brian Xanders, and Pat Bowlen. Denver was described as the team with the most interest in Tebow days before the draft. In fact, three days before the draft, McDaniels went to the University of Florida to watch Tebow throw one more time in a private workout.

It was interesting to see that just 48-hours before the draft, Tebow, his agent, and his brother were in New York City debating where to watch the draft. The men even went up on stage at Radio City Music Hall to give Tebow the run-down on the draft’s setup. Then, they decided that since a first-round draft pick wasn’t guaranteed, they would watch from the comforts of home in Jacksonville.

Draft day came and Tebow family members and friends gathered with a film crew waiting to see where No. 15 would go. The rest as they say, is history.

After watching the film, maybe Tebow needs more critics in the world. It’s clear that when the cards are stacked against him, he flourishes.

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