Kyle Orton’s Next Team


In my book, Kyle Orton is as good as gone.

After five full seasons in the NFL with the last season being his best, Orton is looking to start under center. If he stays with the Broncos, he expects to start. If he leaves Denver, he’s counting on a starting job.

There are too many teams that are currently in code blue at the quarterback position, and with 3,653 passing yards, 20 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions in 13 games, Kyle Orton is on the Broncos biggest poster advertising a trade. He’s top-notch leverage in securing more early draft picks or a big name in the fee agent market.

The Broncos’ scales have undoubtedly tipped in the direction of Tim Tebow. He appears to be their football player of the future. Whether or not he guides the Broncos to success as a quarterback remains to be seen. It would be nice to have someone like Orton waiting behind the scenes to guide the young QB or to be an available replacement in case he gets hurt. That’s not in the realm of possibilities, however.

With that said, the teams in dire need of a starting quarterback include the Vikings, Cardinals, Dolphins, Panthers, and Redskins.

Other teams that could use Orton include the 49ers, Titans and perhaps the Raiders.

Orton will be packing his bags for his third team in four seasons, and it’s not necessarily because of under-performance issues. The problem is Orton is a mid to high level quarterback that hasn’t found the right fit to translate his numbers on the field into wins for his team.

To be quite honest, I would be scared of the Raiders if he went there. They’re pretty much a quarterback short of being a very good team. They’ve got the run game established, and some key pieces on their defense. One good head coach, one good quarterback, and an Al Davis that is a little more hands-off would be the best medicine for that team.

Any thoughts out there in Bronco Country? Where do you think Orton will end up?

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