addition to Mike Mularkey, the Broncos addition to Mike Mularkey, the Broncos

Two More Possible Candidates For The Broncos


In addition to Mike Mularkey, the Broncos are asking permission to interview two additional coaching candidates.

This time, they’re turning to a couple of defensive coordinators.

Perry Fewell is the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants, and has held that position for one year. Prior to that, he was the defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills from 2006 to 2009, and served as the interim head coach beginning in November of 2009 after the Bills fired Dick Jauron. The Bills finished 6-10 that season.

Under Fewell this season, the 2010 Giants were ranked 17th in points allowed per game, 8th in rush defense, and 9th in pass defense. They were also 5th in sacks and 1st in forced fumbles. That does have quite a bit to do with the personnel they had, but a lot of it can be attributed to Fewell and the defensive staff that he has over there.

The next candidate that the Broncos are asking for permission to interview is New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Williams has been with the Saints for two years, leading the defensive team to its first Super Bowl win last year, and another playoff appearance this year.

Prior to his days with the Saints, Williams was the head coach for the Bills from 2001 to 2003, but was fired after a 17-31 record. He was then a very successful defensive coordinator with the Redskins. You may remember Williams as the coach who called a defensive play with only 10 men on the field to honor cornerback Sean Taylor who was shot and killed in 2007.  

This year, Williams’s defense in New Orleans is ranked 7th in points allowed per game, 16th in rush defense, and 4th in pass defense. They are also ranked 3rd in forced fumbles.

Both of these coaches run very aggressive 4-3 schemes and put a lot of pressure on opposing quarterbacks. What a great thing for when Elvis Dumervil returns and Robert Ayers is 100% healthy. They know what it takes to run a successful defense, but can they also put the same amount of talent into running an offense?

According to the research of Broncos GM Brian Xanders, there isn’t much difference between defensive and offensive hires.

"“The difference between successful offensive and defensive hires is about 2 percent, so we’re not committed one way or the other.” – Denver Post"

 However, it’s quite possible that making a former defensive coordinator the Broncos new head coach may just keep Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins in Denver longer.

I’m in favor of bringing in someone with great success on the defensive side of the ball. Watching the Broncos give up more total yards than in any other year in team history really got to me. I think a strong defensive mind in the head coaching position along with a great offensive mind in the offensive coordinator position will turn the team around.

Right now, Gregg Williams looks great on paper. Even though he wasn’t successful as a head coach nearly a decade ago, he has coached and learned things from the people that he’s coached under. After one Super Bowl win last year, I’m sure he’s itching to get back there and knows what it takes to do so.

The list of possible Broncos head coaches will continue to grow this week as the team is looking to hire someone within the next couple of weeks.

Of the candidates named thus far, which looks best to you?

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