No Rest For The Tebow


It was almost Week 16: The Sequel. The setting was the same, the main characters were the same, and the plot was the same. The only difference, a big difference, was that the opposition was leaps and bounds better than the last.

The Broncos were down big going into the fourth quarter. Unlike last week where the Broncos faced the No. 32 pass defense in the league, they had to go up against the No. 1 ranked pass defense. That’s exactly where the story turns.   No comeback was in order.

It was the legs, not the arm of Tim Tebow that put the Broncos in a position to win today’s game.

The QB heard round the league finished the day 16-for-36 (44 % completion rate) for 205 yards, 2 passing TDs, and 2 INTs. On the ground, he once again lead the team in rushing with 13 carries for 94 yards and 1 TD. Talk about an Energizer bunny.

After the game, I asked him how he would grade himself today.

“I think I have a lot to work on,” Tebow said in a post game press conference. “Some things I did well, some things I did poorly. I can improve on those things. Like I said, one thing is just taking what they give us underneath and if it’s not there, throw the ball away – which I was doing a little bit more in the second half. And, just trying to keep fighting and make plays.

There’s no doubt that Tebow is a great running QB, but does he have what it takes to be a passing QB as well?

“I do not think every week is going to be like that,” Tebow said about his heavily favored run game. “The last two (games) have not. Whatever I have to do, I will do and I’m sure that my game will evolve as well – mentally, physically with learning and growing and just getting used to the NFL and how it is played.”

There’s no doubt that Tebow will evolve. All the critics talk about his throwing mechanics, and while some of it is true, Tebow thinks that issue was overstated. He will be working on his mechanics in the offseason as well as other parts of his game.

This kid is a work horse, one that would make fans proud. He’s early to practice and late to stay after, and when asked about his plans for the offseason, don’t think that he’s spending weeks in Mexico or days fishing.

“Just get back to work and get ready for OTA’s (Organized Team Activities) and that is about it,” Tebow said when asked what he’ll do next.

“I will hang out with my family for a little bit and that will be a lot of fun,” Tebow said. “But, if I hang out for too long, I get pretty antsy and have to get to work doing something.”

Last week’s Tebow poll heavily favored the rookie QB as the Broncos future. I want to ask the same question after today’s performance. Cast your vote below.

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