Broncos-Chargers 1st Quarter


The Denver defense came out strong in the opening quarter. As I type this, I feel the vibrations of Rocky Mountain Thunder under my fingertips. The Chargers received the opening kickoff, but the Broncos wouldn’t let them pass midfield. Brian Dawkins forced the Chargers to end their first drive by sacking Philip Rivers for a loss of 7 yards.

In the Broncos first drive, the team passed twice and ran once. Tim Tebow went 0-for-2 passing and the Chargers No. 1 ranked defense quickly forced the Broncos’ offense to return to the shady sidelines.

The first quarter saw another sack by D.J. Williams for a seven yard loss which forced the Chargers to punt for a second time in the quarter, something quite unusual for the league’s second ranked offense.

Eric Weddle intercepted a Tebow to Brandon Lloyd bomb with 7:30 to go left in the quarter. Lloyd went deep in double coverage, but couldn’t come up with the grab. That put the Chargers potent offense on their own 42-yard line.

Momentum never fully swung the Chargers way as Reynaldo Hill intercepted a Rivers to Floyd attempt and brought it to the Denver 40-yard line. That’s when the Tebow Show lifted its curtains. The young QB ran the ball and picked up a big first down to bring the Broncos to the 14-yard line. Then, it was an easy touchdown pass to a wide open Brandon Lloyd with 2:57 remaining in the game’s opening quarter.

First scoring drive of the game came in six plays that covered 40 yards.

As the fans chant “Hey” and pump their fists, Thunder took the field in a full out sprint. A favorable scoreboard sits in the midst of orange and blue explosives and this crowd is lifted.

Score at the end of the first quarter: Broncos 7 Chargers 0

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