Tebow, The Broncos’ Future


Happy New Year, Broncos fans. As we hit the reset button, the Broncos have just one more game left to their 2010 season.

Usually, when the Broncos meet the San Diego Chargers for the last game of the season, the game is truly meaningful with anticipation running high. In the past, the game meant playing for first place in the AFC West and a playoff spot.

 Tomorrow, however, the two teams meet with very different agendas. Players and coaches alike will be fighting to keep their jobs, and the Broncos will try to end their season on a positive note by winning their last two games of a very disappointing season.   

For the Broncos, 2010 was the year of emotion while 2011 will be the year of change.

Tomorrow closes a short but emotional chapter in Broncos’ history. A young coach came in to try and fill the shoes of a Super Bowl winning but recently average coach, and left the team in more disarray than two years ago when the big coaching change was made.

Over the past two years and a 12-19 record, all fans could do was teleport themselves back to the late 90s when John Elway was guiding the team to Super Bowl wins. Those days seem so far behind us that a reunion of sorts is needed to pick the franchise back up.

The spark in the season has been Tim Tebow’s play, full of drive and effort, even without the right throwing mechanics. Heads turn when his name is said because with his winning history and potential, he’s the closest thing that comes to an Elway look-a-like. Before I get slammed with “Tebow is no Elway” comments, I’m not talking about mechanics. I’m talking about his ability to will the team to a win, keep drives alive, and fight for every inch on the football field.

In a sense, tomorrow’s game is just the continuation of an audition for Tebow to impress whoever his next coach is going to be. The new coach will have to believe in No. 15 and back him because the front office and the city of Denver already does.

Take a seat, dim the lights, and raise the orange curtain because the Tebow show starts again tomorrow.

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