Talking Tebow


 On December 26, 2010, the Denver Broncos beat the Houston Texans 24-23 after coming back from a 17-0 deficit.  But when the word comeback is used, fans’ minds immediately link the word to John Elway.  It’s only natural that we automatically assume we’re speaking of the famous and legendary John Elway when we say comeback. Ever since his retirement, fans sit at work and fantasize about the good ole Elway days.  They’ll sit outside at night and secretly wish upon a star that Elway will return, either in the flesh or reincarnated.  But after this previous Broncos’ victory, it would appear that those wishes and dreams are about to come true.

They say that when you wish upon a star, you dreams will come true.  Well, either the entire Broncos nation was doing some serious hard core wishing or maybe just one lone fan, but regardless of who or how many, that wish has come true.  Sunday afternoon, we saw what was a spectacular finish by the rookie QB Tim Tebow.  I use the word spectacular because there was nothing flashy about this game in any way.  Tim Tebow is raw and most definitely needs some serious fine tuning when it comes to mechanics. However, there is something in this young man that screams victory to the world no matter the odds.  His teammates feed on this desire and demand for victory and will fight to the bitter end.  Tim Tebow-itus is contagious and Broncos nation has caught the bug.

I was out with the family the other day.  We went out to see a movie and from there got something to eat.  But there was just one big thing that stuck out in my mind everywhere I went.  Broncos paraphernalia was everywhere and Tebow talk was in full swing.  The ticket distributor at the theater couldn’t help herself but to mention something Tebow related to my brother.  The people who sat behind me and in front of me in the theater were talking amongst themselves about Tebow.  I even asked a little boy, who was wearing a Brian Dawkins jersey, if he was rooting for Tim Tebow.  He simply said, “yes.  The newspapers and random Broncos’ sites are all talking Tim Tebow.  What was once lost hope has become a sudden resurgence of faith in Tim Tebow to lead the troops into battle and come out victorious.  

The town is alive and the fans are ecstatic because Tebow is winning!  But alas, the season comes to an end in a week.  And with this close of the season comes the harsh reality that the Broncos are still in a state of discourse.  A coach must be hired and this new coach has to hop on the Tebow bandwagon or this Tebow disease all Broncomaniacs currently have will drive them to insanity.  Pat Bowlen recognizes that mail boxes can be replaced, but we have to assume that Josh McDaniels had to have lost one too many.  Mr. Bowlen will be quicker to pull the trigger if necessary.  So enough with the talk of trading Tebow, enough with the talk of Cam Newton or Andrew Luck coming to Denver, and please stop talking about Bill Cowher as the next Denver head coach, because Denver, ladies and gentlemen, is talking Tebow.

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