The Perrish Cox Dirt


As I ran through downtown Denver and by the Denver Post this morning, I gazed up at the ticker on the side of the building. I do that every time I trot by to see the day’s top headlines before I turn on the T.V. or fire up my computer.

On this morning, 10 days before Christmas, when, what to my wandering eyes should appear, but one Broncos’ headline that nearly brings a tear.

Perrish Cox Faced with Felony Charges” reflected onto my face. 

I had many more miles to ponder the big white building’s caption. What does this mean for the rookie who saw substantial action opposite Champ Bailey at cornerback? 

Well, the two felony charges mean that if convicted, Cox faces up to life in prison. What a far cry from a lush life in the NFL. 

Cox was arrested last Thursday night on sexual assault charges. He was allowed to play in Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals, but he did not start.

His next court date is set for January 7th.

Cox is very no-nonsense about this issue.

“The visit we had the other day, he was serious about it,” Eric Studesville said. “He understood the severity of the situation that he’s in.” 

The Broncos coaching staff and front office had lengthy discussions about whether or not Cox should play.

“All the facts have to be gathered and all the information has to be gathered…At this point in time, playing him is the right thing to do,” Studesville said.

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