As The Tebow Turns


I know we are sort of beating a dead horse Bronco, but let’s face it – the season is pretty much in the trash can.

That’s why all of this Tim Tebow business is surfacing. He was brought in to be the future of the franchise, yet he hasn’t seen much playing time. The times that he has seen action have been very productive, but not in a typical quarterback-type way.

Now that Kyle Orton has gone back to Ordinary Orton, all eyes shift in the direction of No. 15.

Do I want Orton to start every remaining game? Yes, I’m sticking to my guns on that one. However, I would like Tebow to take one-third to one-half of the snaps in the rest of the games. He does need the experience and the new coach coming in needs to be able to compare the young rookie to Orton and other QBs in the league to allow his development to progress in the right direction. The only way the comparison can be made is if Tebow sees more snaps in the NFL.

Three weeks ago, I was all about letting Orton continue along the same road he was on. That spooks me now. Lions and Tigers and Bears, er, Losses, and Turnovers, and Beat downs, oh my!

I really didn’t want all of my attention to focus on this subject, but at 3-10, the mind slips and so do thoughts about the present. That’s why my article this week is about the Tebow tide that has washed up on the shores of Broncos country.

You can go here to read the article.

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