Tim Tebow Time


Does everyone know what time it is?

Tebow Time!

 That’s right, Denver is proud to present, Tim the QB Tebow

In the wake of an embarrassing loss against the woeful Arizona Cardinals, one must conclude that it is definitely Tim Tebow time.  A staggering six turnovers led the way for the Broncos to gain their 10th loss of the season.  Of those six turnovers, three came from the right hand of QB Kyle Orton, the man who we thought could break Dan Marino‘s regular season passing record.  Instead, he’s breaking the hearts of Broncos’ fans.  

The season is lost and the only thing Denver fans can do is cry out and demand that the Broncos deliver a solution to this abomination.  The most recent complaint that was answered was the firing of Josh McDaniels.  Now the Orange Nation begs our beloved front office to remove QB Kyle Orton from under center.  Tebow’s name is being chanted nation wide and we all must wonder, is this really the best solution?  Here are the pros and cons to changing the QB at this point in the season. 


1. Tim Tebow gets some very much needed experience.  Seriously, what could be wrong with this?  The only experience Tebow is getting at this point is playing the role of the opposing QB in team practices solely for the defense’s benefit.  Does this type of experience really help Tebow in any way?  In some aspects, yes.  He is still getting the opportunity to throw the ball while at the same time learning new types of offenses.  But, that is also a bad thing.  Tebow needs to be mastering the offense he is currently in.  However, the current offense he is in is indeed subject to change due to possible coaching changes everywhere.  So, maybe it is good that he’s getting to work all types of different offenses.

2. It shuts up the fans in Denver and everywhere else for that matter.  This may not be necessarily beneficial for Tebow, but the Broncos’ organization could really use the publicity.  Tebow is the face of the franchise and the face of this franchise is not on TV representing this team.  McDaniels’ should have known this would happen if the team didn’t do well.  But not just McDaniels, Xanders and Bowlen should have known that this would be inevitable if the team performed poorly.  Well, surprise, the team performed poorly and the fans are demanding that Tebow see some playing time.  Weird… 

3. Studesville could use this in his favor to maintain the head coaching job.  One thing is for sure, Studesville won’t be able to keep this job by losing to the remaining opponents the way he lost to the Cardinals.  But let’s imagine he wins the remaining games of the season with Tebow under center.  In my mind, that’s a pretty good argument to keep him around.  Winning with Kyle Orton doesn’t really prove much.  All that does is prove that McDaniels’ system was working.  It doesn’t really say much for Studesville himself.  He needs to start Tebow if he wants to prove he’s the right man for the job. 


1. Tebow gets hurt.  This is by far the most important factor we need to take into consideration.  I know, no pain no gain.  But no Tebow = just Tulow.  In other words, the Broncos’ future lies on Tebow and without him we will all be left to root for the Colorado Rockies.  The Broncos would be forever criticized for starting Tebow in meaningless games and losing him for the rest of his career due to some freak accident injury. 

2. Kyle Orton decides to move on.  I know what you’re thinking, “How is this a bad thing?”  Naturally, it would be in his best interest to move on if he is replaced permanently.  But if Tebow just isn’t ready even to start next year, we’re desperately going to want to have Kyle Orton as a viable option. Starting Tebow in place of Orton show’s a lack of faith and could send him packing.  I feel the Broncos need Orton more than they know. Brady Quinn can’t be relied on.  He may have talent and a huge upside, but he is not living up to his expectations thus far. 

3. The expectations for Tebow are too high at this point and he needs to be protected from the fan as much as possible.  What am I talking about?  We, the fans, demand the Broncos win regularly.  We demand that Tebow see playing time and we demand that the Broncos win meaningful football games with Tebow behind center.  Unfortunately, the Broncos aren’t going to finish this season on a high note.  The losing has not ended and it most certainly won’t end with Tebow under center.  We have been down this road before. Mike Shanahan moved to start Jay Cutler in place of Jake Plummer when the Broncos still had a shot at the playoffs and the season still did not end on a high note.  The Broncos missed the playoffs and Jake Plummer was sent packing.  The expectations are too high right now. Tebow needs to be protected from us.  He WILL make mistakes and we WILL demand his head for them.  It’s a never ending cycle with QB’s and fans after the Elway era in Denver. 

The idea that I am trying to portray is the fact that there are two sides to every argument.  We can’t assume that starting Tebow will fix anything.  For whatever weird reason, Kyle Orton has suddenly decided to play poorly while the defense has decided to step it up.  Almost everyone will say, “the season is lost and Tebow should get experience.”  But there is so much more going on than just Tebow.  For instance, starting Tebow could ripple into the loss of Champ Bailey.  He has been saying that he is not interested in rebuilding anymore and starting Tebow is just that – rebuilding mode.  Start Tebow…lose Bailey.  Are we really interested in that?  You decide.  As for my opinion, I say start Tebow.  Kyle Orton is playing poorly and has never really been a complete QB.  He can throw the ball accurately and he makes good decisions.  But he looks pretty awkward when he runs.  QB’s are considered elite athletes and all the elite athletes I know can run.  Tebow completes the check list when looking for a franchise QB.  Let him have his so that we, the fans, can have ours. Who knows, it may work out for the best and result in Champ sticking around. 

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