Possible Broncos GM’s and Coaches


The smell of change is in the air here in Denver. Not only is the Broncos’ head coaching position in flux, but so is the structure of the organization.

According to Joe Ellis, the team is highly considering bringing a GM aboard to ease the pressure off the new head coach. The GM would be responsible for sculpting the roster and then letting the head coach work with it on the field.

In recent years, the Broncos have let roster development fall on the shoulders of the head coach. Some speculate that was too much responsibility for a new young head coach to handle, and that’s part of the reason why Josh McDaniels struggled.

Most teams in the league have a GM (six do not). The GM’s responsibility is to consult with the head coach on roster development and then pull the trigger on the moves. Therefore, the GM will likely pick the Broncos’ new head coach.

The Broncos appear to be close to bringing John Elway on to help in the decision making process. Elway is a business consultant with the team right now, but is looking to be more involved with the franchise that he loves.

Mike Klis from the Denver Post has developed a list of possible GMs and head coaches that the Broncos have the option of interviewing. Here is his list of GMs:

"Les Snead, director of player personnel, Atlanta: To find the next Dimitroff, look at his right-hand man.George Paton, director of pro personnel, Minnesota: Third year with Vikings after six years with Dolphins, he is ready for top job.George Kokanis/Eric DeCosta, Baltimore: Kokanis is former Browns GM. He and DeCosta are GM Ozzie Newsome’s top personnel lieutenants.Tom Telesco, director of player personnel, Colts: Before Dimitroff, Bill Polian was the game’s top executive. Telesco is top personnel guy.Will Lewis, director or pro personnel, Seahawks: Highly regarded in the industry. Worked closely for years with Mike Holmgren.John Beake, Ted Sundquist, former Broncos GMs: If Pat Bowlen wants a return to the Broncos Way, he can bring back leaders of the glory years. – Denver Post"

To see Klis’s list of head coaches, go here.

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