Bowlen And Ellis Looking To The Broncos Future


Broncos COO, Joe Ellis, approached the podium speaking on behalf of owner Pat Bowlen. In a room full of people and many eyes watching over the live stream, Ellis spoke about how difficult a decision it was for Bowlen to let Josh McDaniels go.

When speaking about Bowlen, Ellis said that “two of his [Bowlen’s] greatest attributes as a person are his kindness and his humility and those entered into his decision process yesterday and throughout the last several days, but ultimately he felt it was in the best interest of our organization, and in the best interest of Josh McDaniels and his family to make a decision and move forward.”

According to Ellis, Bowlen told Josh that “it’s the hardest decision of this kind that he’s ever had to make.”

When asked about what exactly prompted the decision to fire McDaniels, Ellis said that multiple things played into Mr. Bowlen’s decision.

“The culmination of events were too much and he felt that change had to be made and there wasn’t any point in delaying it,” Ellis said. “The one incident [videotape scandal] was part of it, but it was a multitude of things. I don’t think it’s fair to Josh or anyone else on the staff to get into that. We’re moving forward.”

In terms of the future Ellis said that the primary goal of the organization is to finish the year strong and make the fans proud of the team.

The Broncos felt that running backs coach Eric Studesville was the best man for that job. 

“He brings a lot of passion, a lot of energy, and a lot of positive attributes to the job,” Ellis said.

When it comes down to it, Ellis and Bowlen recognize that action speaks louder than words.

“Everybody in our organization recognizes that we have a lot of work to do to restore the integrity of our organization and the trust that the fans have in our organization. Me standing up here and delivering those words won’t do that. What will do that is action and that’s what we intend to take and that starts today.”

Now that the demolition is complete for now, the restructuring process takes the spotlight and we, the fans, need to be patient.

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