Denver Broncos Fire Josh McDaniels


What you hear is true. The Denver Broncos fired Josh McDaniels this afternoon after not even two seasons as head coach.

I thought I saw Santa flying overhead three weeks early to deliver a lump of coal to Dove Valley. The recipient of the dark stuff was another head honcho – Josh McDaniels.

The McDaniels’ led Broncos squad saw plenty of dark times of their own. After a 6-0 start in his inaugural season, McDaniels finished last season 8-8. Upon many big changes in the off season, the fruits of McDaniels’ labor never harvested. The Broncos currently have a 3-9 record and a fan base that has been questioning the young coach’s ability to lead, motivate, and win ball games.

It wasn’t but two years ago, that I was nostalgically writing about Mike Shanahan’s departure. After that happened, the city of Denver kept a closer eye on the list of coaching candidates than on the stock market.

While many people may be rejoicing in McDaniels’ termination, this is a scary time for the Broncos’ organization. Teams that have high coaching turnover rates don’t fare well at all. Doubt me? Ask the Cleveland Browns.

There will be a lot more coverage of this change to come, but in the meantime, let’s hear it fans – Are you happy that Josh McDaniels is no longer coaching the Broncos?

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