Chiefs Stop The Pass And Broncos


When it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Today, it was the passing offense that was left back in Denver. Defense and special teams put together a solid effort to hold the Chiefs to 10 points.

Kyle Orton had his worst performance of the season going 9-for-28 for 117 yards and no touchdowns. That’s a win in itself for the Chiefs who gave up 49 points three weeks ago.

“Their plan was to stop the passing game….They did a good job of covering us,” Josh McDaniels said after the game.

Because the Chiefs were so focused on stopping Orton, Knowshon Moreno had a career day with 23 carries for 161 yards.

Despite the stepped up coverage, Orton acknowledged that he missed some golden opportunities to hook up with Brandon Lloyd when he was covered one-on-one.

“I missed a couple of throws,” Orton said. “There’s a couple of throws that I had that I’d like to have back.”

I’m sure there are a couple of games that the Broncos would love to have back. How about the seven point loss to the Jaguars, or the four point loss to the Jets, or the three point loss to the Rams? In those games, Orton performed well throwing for 295 yards, 209 yards, 347 yards, respectively. He had 5 TDs and 1 INT total in those close games.

It was in those games that we blamed the defense, the offensive line, the lack of a rushing game.

Orton has played well game in and game out, so I can’t place any blame on Orton.  He’s allowed to have an off day.

Because of this “off” performance and the Broncos officially being eliminated from post season play, the case for Tim Tebow will begin.

Just remember that this is Orton’s season. He came to play every week, and he’s set the bar high.

Let’s see if it’s time for Tebow to make the giant leap.

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