Round 2: Getting To Know The Chiefs


I checked in with Patrick Allen from Arrowhead Addict once again to ask him some questions about his Chiefs. Here is what he had to say:

1.  Matt Cassel has really come into his own this season. Is that a product of him maturing or is it due to the Chiefs’ deadly ground game?

"I have to give Cassel credit here. In the last few games he has simply improved.While it helps to have such a potent ground game, Cassel struggled early in the season when the Chiefs were running like mad so it isn’t just Charles and Jones.Cassel works very hard and I have been wondering if it was ever going to pay off for him. It looks like things have turned for him and hopefully he can keep it up when he runs into some tougher defenses."

2. In the last two weeks, the Chiefs have allowed just 60 rushing yards per game and their rush defense is ranked 7th in the league. Why have they been so good at stopping the run aside from practicing against Charles and Jones all week? 

"The Chiefs have been pretty good against the run all season long. They rank 7th overall and usually hold teams to under 100 yards. If memory serves, the only 100 yard rusher the Chiefs have allowed all season was the week they played the Broncos.I think stopping the run has been a big priority for the Chiefs this season, particularity early in the year. The additions of Jovan Belcher, Derrick Johnson and Shaun Smith have been key. Add to that that Glen Dorsey and Ron Edwards have settled into their roles in the 3-4 and sprinkle in some Romeo Crennel and you have a pretty decent run D."

3. How do you think the Chiefs will finish off the regular season? Are they playoff bound or will the Chargers be too much for them?

"Oh man this is tough. Um, I really am not sure. The Chiefs are firing on all cylinders right now but I am not sure if they will keep it up. Basically it comes down to two games. The Chiefs need to beat the Broncos this week and beat the Chargers on the road next week and then they’ll only need to win one of their last three to take the AFC West…save some sort of crazy charge by the Raiders.If the Chiefs continue to dominate this weekend and they show some ability to defend the pass, I think they have a real shot at tripping up the Chargers in San Diego. If they regress or take any steps back, it is going to be hard for me to believe they can upset the Chargers. If they lose, they are pretty much done for unless the Chargers stumble against Oakland."

4. Arrowhead is constantly described as one of the toughest places to play in the NFL. Have you been to a game there and can you describe what makes Arrowhead so unique?

"I went to my first ever Chiefs game for the MNF contest against the Chargers. I grew up in Ohio and had never been to KC so it was a fantastic experience. A friend of mine got us club level seats so we didn’t get caught in the downpour.The rain did at times thin out the crowd but at the end of the game when the Chiefs made their goal line stand, the people poured back out into the elements to cheer on the team. It was by far the loudest thing I had ever heard. I screamed myself horse. The KC fans really take their job of being the 12th man seriously. As I recall the crowd forced the Chargers into 3 timeouts in that game to avoid delay of game penalties. Not too shabby."

5. What is your prediction for the game?

"After seeing the way the Chiefs played on the road in Seattle I believe their momentum is real. They are likely to get McCluster back this week as well which is going to be a huge boost to the offense.On defense, the Chiefs are susceptible to the big play but I don’t think there is any way Crennel lets McDaniels punk him twice. KC will be in serious bend but don’t break mode and will be keeping things in front of them.Chiefs get revenge, 27-16."

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