Rob Lytle Is Remembered As More Than Just A Bronco


Rob Lytle is not as familiar a name as Floyd Little, but this former Broncos’ running back sure made a difference in Broncos’ history.

Lytle passed away last weekend at 56-years-old from a reported heart attack.

He did not lack heart in his seven years with the Broncos, however, finishing his career with 1,451 rushing yards on 376 attempts, 61 receptions for 562 yards, and 14 total touchdowns. For all of you trivia fans, one of those touchdowns gives him the title of the only Broncos’ player to score a touchdown in Super Bowl XII.

Lytle played for the Broncos from 1977 to 1983. Prior to that he attended the University of Michigan and also scored a touchdown in the Rose Bowl.

Lytle was from Freemont, OH and was the ultimate football hero in that town. Brian Miller from PhinPhanatic (Fansided’s Dolphins’ site) has a personal side to the story as he also spent a significant amount of time in Freemont and recalls Lytle’s presence on the town.

"“Rob Lytle went to a very small school in Fremont, Oh. called Fremont Ross.  The same school my mother graduated from 4 years before Lytle would.  I spent one or two weeks every summer casing the streets of Fremont growing up and still have most of my family living there today.  I vividly remember the clothing store named “Lytles” that his parents owned.  I was saddened when so many years ago it had burned to the ground.”"

To read more of Brian’s story, click here. It’s a good read for any Broncos fan that wants to explore the history of the team at another level.

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