Mistakes Plague Broncos On National Stage


The damage has been done, but the dust certainly hasn’t settled.

In last night’s loss, the Broncos were plagued by penalties, defensive lapses, offensive lapses, and all of the other things that contribute to a big-time loss against a division rival.

San Diego simply out-played, out-hussled, and out-smarted the Broncos on all levels. For a brief few hours, the Brad Childress and Vince Young sagas were put on hold to evaluate just how discombobulated the Broncos looked on the NFL’s biggest stage.

The now healthy offensive line gave up five sacks for 45 yards lost. The team committed eight penalties for 56 yards lost. They went 1-for-12 on third down and amassed just 62 yards on the ground.

The mid-season Broncos returned to form last night. The team that romped Kansas City last week seemed to have been left in Denver (perhaps still celebrating?).

Jaws were flapping prior to and during the game, but the Broncos still couldn’t keep the fire in the belly burning for the duration of the game.

There are no excuses – just talk of getting into bad situations.

"“We put ourselves in way too many bad situations tonight and that really hurt us,” quarterback Kyle Orton said.  “In that first drive, we didn’t put ourselves in bad situations … but when we start making mistakes and penalties, it puts Coach McDaniels in a situation where he couldn’t call the kind of game we would like him to,” wide receiver Brandon Lloyd said.” (Denver Post)."

Just like that mystery meat that your cheek-pinching aunt brings over every Thanksgiving, there’s no way to stomach what’s looking at you in the face.

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