Game Of The Week Prediction


In our second Sunday of the season without Broncos’ football, we can kick back a little and watch some of the other games going on around the league.

Of interest to many is this afternoon’s game between the Colts and the Patriots. These two AFC teams have won four of the last nine Super Bowls thanks in large part to the leadership that they have at quarterback.

Other QBs want to be compared to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady while other coaches seek to find a gem like them for their own team.

The Manning vs. Brady matchup is the Agassi vs. Sampras, the Palmer vs. Nicklaus, the Ali vs. Frazier of football. Even though there are 10 other guys surrounding each QB, all eyes will be focused on the guy under center.

While the Colts and the Patriots are not in their most dominant form, they still call attention to themselves because of the men leading their respective offenses.

The entire Colts’ offense goes through Peyton Manning. He calls the plays at the line and he’s got the most pass attempts in the entire league. He sits just behind Philip Rivers and Kyle Orton in total passing yards (2,663 yards) and he doesn’t turn the ball over (16 TDs to 4 INTs).

Tom Brady manages a little more of a balanced offense. He’s 11th in passing yards, and like Manning, he holds on to the ball with 17 TDs to 4 INTs.

Even when these offenses have trouble getting off the ground, any educated football fan knows that it won’t stay that way the entire game.

My prediction in this game of the week: Patriots 31 Colts 28

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