Philip Rivers … The QB You Love To Hate

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So on Monday night, when he’s throwing darts at a generally average receiving corps (Antonio Gates is the exception, obviously), and incurring the curse of all true Bronco fans, remember that, no matter what the outcome, this guy’s for real. We’re in it for the long haul with this brash SOB on the other sideline, and we better get used to it.

I remember a few years back, Mike Shanahan tried to construct a Denver team that could beat the Colts–he figured Peyton Manning was the biggest obstacle any team in the AFC had to clear to become champions. That logic proved to be misguided–albeit not by much. Today, Josh McDaniels is hopefully taking a good look at Phillip Rivers and understanding that, in order for the Broncos to even have a shot at Peyton Manning (or Tom Brady, or Matt Sanchez for that matter) in the playoffs he has to first build a team that can beat Phillip Rivers.

Speaking for all Bronco fans, here’s hoping Karma kicks in sooner rather than later. Here’s hoping Monday night’s game is McDaniels’ first really big victory over Phillip Rivers and his hated Chargers. Here’s hoping Phillip gets what’s due…

Go Broncos.

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