Philip Rivers … The QB You Love To Hate

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I despise Philip Rivers. I really do. And I suppose that’s the best form a flattery a fan from a rival team can offer up.

I think he’s arrogant. I think he’s a whiner. I think he’s “this close” to sprouting red horns and a tail and opening a hole at midfield that leads straight to Hell.

Oh, and he’s a hell of a quarterback, whether you like the guy or not. Just ask the Broncos, who experienced a handful of lost seasons of late at the hands of this egomaniac. Granted, much of the Broncos’ late-season undoing in recent years can be traced to poor defense, an inability to score in the red zone and the general exposure of a team that, honestly, didn’t deserve to be a post-season contender. But Phillip Rivers always seems to be there ready to stick the fork in our beloved Donkeys… he’s the chef who makes the final determination in the Broncos’ recent seasons. They’re done when he says they’re done.

Rivers and his loud mouth–he’s a taunter and I know in my heart that Karma will one day shut his pie-hole for all of us who just can’t stand him–are underrated around the league, although he’s finally starting to earn mention in the same breath as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and the guy he replaced–Drew Brees. Rivers is likely the sole reason the Chargers have dominated a dismal AFC West in recent years–without him in the lineup, it’s very likely the Broncos would have a pair of AFC West titles under their belts (and, let’s face it, a pair of early exits in the wildcard round). Rivers gives the Chargers exactly what they need to win when it matters–a little energy, a little purpose … someone to follow. He’s a great leader.