The Broncos’ Perfect Fit


At Broncos’ headquarters this week, the good word has been preached. It’s all about the “perfect fit.”

You see, in a sport with eleven guys on the field per team, the right system is just as important as individual talent. Cohesion breeds success while outliers foster staleness and breakdowns.

Jarvis Moss, the team’s first round draft pick in 2007, was released on Wednesday morning because Josh McDaniels believed that he did not fit into their system.

“I know he [Moss] wasn’t drafted to play in this system necessarily. He’s been a great kid for us. It just hasn’t been the perfect fit for us and we wish him the best,” McDaniels said.

Unlike Moss, Mario Haggan has stuck out as the right guy for the Broncos’ system. He has some previous experience in the 4-3, but on Sunday he made a name for himself with three first-half sacks, a forced fumble, and six tackles.

“This defense is really a perfect fit for Mario because it’s a downhill, hit-them-in-the- face style of defense,” McDaniels said.

Haggan’s performance wasn’t surprising due to his skill level and his work habit.

When asked about Haggan’s defensive showing on Sunday, Brian Dawkins said, “He’s been asked to do a whole lot this year and he’s becoming more adapt to doing those things. When you own that position, which he’s done now, you’re able to make the plays that he made.”

Josh McDaniels praised the linebacker’s perseverance.

“He gives great effort all the time. Some of the plays he made the other day were great effort plays,” McDaniels said.

On the offensive side of the ball, Brandon Lloyd is somewhat of a surprise perfect fit. In his 8th year as a professional, this journey man is having a career year. In nine games this season, he already has 235 more receiving yards than his best year in the NFL. He’s Kyle Orton’s main target and with him on the team, no one has mentioned the other Brandon that packed his bags for Miami.

“He has great hands and great leaping ability,” McDaniels said. “His skill set is a good fit for what we’re trying to do with him.

Perhaps the bulk of burden during the off season is finding guys who marry into the system perfectly.

After that, it’s all about making the perfect fit into the perfect team.

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