Moss Latest Victim Of ‘De-Shanahanization’


Granted, the guy didn’t perform up to first-round-pick standards in his three-plus years with the Broncos, so Jarvis Moss’ release today from the Broncos really comes as no surprise. But, in truth, he’s another victim of Josh McDaniels’ efforts to reconstruct the Broncos from Mike Shanaan’s team to his own squad based on some nebulous formula only he seems privy to.

Moss was clearly a mismatch in McDaniels’ 3-4 defensive scheme, so it’s a miracle he lasted as long as he did under the second-year coach. McDaniels, in letting the press know Moss was gone today, was actually pretty classy, noting that Moss’ release was likely based more on that mismatch than on Moss’ level of ability or the player’s efforts to make it work.

Still … as a die-hard Bronco fan who’s watching in horror as Alphonso Smith and Peyton Hills enjoy career years after getting the boot from the Denver, there’s a little itch I just can’t scratch. I almost expect Moss to latch on somewhere else and become a Pro Bowler, based solely on how other McD cast-0ffs have found their games after leaving Denver. That said, of all the McDaniels discards from the Shanahan era (and Smith was McDaniels’ pick, to be clear), this is the one I feel best about. Let’s hope the man-child is right.

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