It Can Happen To Anybody, Even Shanahan


by S.C. Hunt

It’s good to know, as a Bronco fan, that any coach can fall into a trap and end up being completely blown out, even at home in front of a friendly crowd.

Mike Shanahan is living proof. Architect of two Super Bowl titles with the Broncos in the late 90s, and in only his first year with the Redskins, Shanahan’s team ran into a buzz saw named Michael Vick on Monday night and were dominated 59-28 by the Philadelphia Eagles in front of a crowd of disgusted ‘Skins fans.

Sound familiar, Broncos’ faithful?

It’s just proof that, no matter deep the pedigree goes in this league, everyone if subject to a “perfect storm,” where things start out so poorly (the Eagles put 45 on the board before halftime) there’s just no recovering from them. Unfortunately for Shanahan, he was already in the crosshairs thanks to his handling of Donovan McNabb’s recent benching and then the subsequent contract extension for the veteran quarterback who, by all accounts, made his replacement in Philly look like a super hero. Vick not only found paydirt with his storied legs, but he was on target all night long in a game that wasn’t as close as the scoreboard might indicate. In all, he threw four TDs and ran for a couple more. He looked like he might finally be that complete quarterback.

Now what for Shanny? Is he destined to be the next Daniel Snyder cast-0ff in DC, or can he right a sinking ship and keep his job? Fans in the nation’s capital are calling for his head (again, sound familiar?), and it’s pretty clear the winningest coach in Broncos’ history is in trouble after just nine games in DC–his team’s record is 4-5.

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