Getting To Know The Enemy: Kansas City Chiefs


Today, we had Patrick Allen from Arrowhead Addict stop in to answer some questions about his beloved Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick’s a good guy not only for taking the time out to do this, but for leaning towards the Broncos edging out the Chiefs on Sunday. I hope he’s right.

I spent some time chillin’ with the villain as well by answering some of Patrick’s questions over at Arrowhead Addict. You will be able to see my answers tomorrow morning, but for now, take a look at what the resident Chiefs’ expert had to say.

1. The Chiefs have taken the league by surprise holding on to their #1 ranking in the AFC West nine weeks through the season. What do you attribute their overall success to?

"It is a combination of a solid running game, good coaching, a few key players improving and luck. They’ve been rushing for over 150 yards a game, they’ve limited turnovers and they have played a pretty good bend but don’t break defense. That, combined with a soft schedule has helped the Chiefs get out to a fast start. You have to give credit to the KC coaching staff for finding ways to maximize the talent they have but the Chiefs have a lot of deficiencies and they’ve been using a lot of smoke and mirrors this season to cover up those deficiencies."

 2. Do you think they can maintain that success for the remainder of the season?

"Sure they can but they are going to have to improve fast and that starts this Sunday in Denver because the Chiefs aren’t a good team yet. That isn’t to say the Chiefs aren’t vastly improved because they are. However, Todd Haley is right when he says that this is a team that will often have to win ugly and that does not have room for error. They showed that in Oakland. KC made more mistakes than they have all season in that game and they simply weren’t able to overcome them. The Chiefs are on the cusp of being a really good team but blowing games to Houston and Oakland on the road prove they aren’t yet ready for prime time. Take a look at the Jets/Lions game from last week. The Lions are obviously greatly improved but they just aren’t there yet. On the other hand, the Jets, a good team, found a way to come back and win that game. That is what good teams do. Until the Chiefs prove they can close the deal, there is always going to be a chance they can blow it.If they can get back to playing relatively mistake free football again I think they have a shot to make the playoffs but if they fail to do so, San Diego will likely catch them."

3. The Chiefs have the opposite problem that the Broncos have. They can run all day long on the ground, but have had trouble in the passing department? Will Matt Cassel and the passing game develop into the product you thought you were getting when acquiring the former Patriot QB?

"I don’t think so, at least not this year. The Chiefs passing game is what it is at this point. They’ll get a boost when they get Dexter McCluster back but this team just isn’t designed to throw for 300 yards a game. This is a ground and pound, play action team.If the Chiefs stick with Cassel, I doubt they will ever become a passing team. He is developing but I don’t see him ever becoming the next Tom Brady but he could still turn out to be an above average QB. Remember, this is a guy who, despite his age, is in his third full season as a starter and he is working with his third offensive coordinator in as many years. I think he will continue to improve but I don’t think he will suddenly become a pro bowler. The Chiefs have to give him a hard look this season and ask themselves if they can win a Super Bowl with this guy at QB. If the answer is no then they need to make a move at QB because the Chiefs are becoming a good team and failing to have the right guy under center could set them back a couple of years."

4. The Broncos-Chiefs rivalry is arguably one of the greatest in the NFL. What are some of your favorite memories between the two teams?

"I hate the Broncos. I think I hate them more than any of KC’s other rivals because they were our biggest competition when I was growing up. I really got into the Chiefs in the 90’s and we pretty much dominated the Raiders during that period. I mean don’t get me wrong, I hate the Raiders but the Broncos ripped my heart out when the knocked us out of the playoffs in that 14-10 game.One of my favorite Chiefs/Broncos games was actually last year’s season finale. The Chiefs were having another miserable season and we hadn’t won in Denver in about a thousand years. I particularly dislike Josh McDaniels so I really enjoyed watching his face on the sideline while Jamaal Charles torched the Denver D over and over again."

 5. Who is/was the better tight end? Tony Gonzalez or Shannon Sharpe?

"Gonzalez. Hands down. Obviously I am biased but the record books say it is Tony. Plus Shannon Sharpe is a tool."

6. Who wins Sunday’s game?

"I don’t like how the Chiefs are playing right now. I don’t like some of the injuries we have. I don’t like that Denver has had two weeks to prepare. I don’t like how Haley is distributing the carries at running back. I don’t like how the Chiefs have played on the road.I love my Chiefs but I’ve picked them in all four of their road games this year. They barely beat the Browns with Seneca Wallace at QB, they couldn’t score against the Colts and their terrible D, they blew a big lead to the Texans and they chocked against the Raiders in a huge division game. I’m worried that the Broncos are going to do exactly what the Raiders did and play man on the Chiefs mediocre receivers and stack the box with two safeties and I don’t trust Todd Haley to do the right thing and bench Thomas Jones and give Jamaal Charles 25 carries.Until they prove to me that they can get the job done, I can’t pick them in a game like this.Denver 31, Chiefs 24I feel dirty but honest."

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