The Broncos’ Problem


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Math is a tedious subject, a challenge only some master. The formulas, the numbers, the variables, and the yawning all come into play with the difficulty of solving a single problem. But before any formula can be applied, before any solution can be acquired, one must first rationalize as to what exactly the problem really is.

In the Broncos’ case, they are 2-6 and are preparing to play the Chiefs after losing four very disappointing games in a row. The hardest part to swallow is the fact that the Broncos could have won at least four of those six games. Either the game was lost at the end due to a turnover or you could argue the refs lost the game for the Broncos. Regardless of how they lost, the Broncos are 2-6. So you ask yourself, “What is the Broncos’ problem?” Is it the refs? Is Kyle Orton just not a winner? Or does all the blame fall on the coach? Each suggested answer as to what the problem is are all strong contributors to what I believe the problem truly is, bad luck.

A touchdown is the second most celebrated feat in a single football game. The most celebrated is of course is winning that game. The Broncos have had both reasons to celebrate effortlessly taken away from them by a single yellow flag in two of their games. The Jets were handed a win in what is one of the most controversial pass interception calls this season in the NFL. If a WR has to come back and essentially sit on his back side to attempt to catch a poorly underthrown football, should not the refs determine that the football was uncatchable? But the two calls in the 49ers’ game that took away two touchdowns probably made more men bald and increased TV sales in Denver than any time in Denver’s history. One premature celebration is brutal enough, but two is downright agonizing. Bad luck resulted in a bad call.

But what of Kyle Orton? Even with horrible referee calls, the Broncos were still in a position to win the game. But the man has thrown two interceptions and lost a fumble in the most crucial time of the game. Which I find rather interesting seeing as how the two minute drill was the most practiced offensive exercise during training camp this season. So does that mean that the coach is to blame? Josh McDaniels has made some extremely questionable decisions with team management as well as on the field with many failed 4th down calls.  

So what is the problem? Kyle Orton, regardless of his mistakes, is in the top 5 in passing yards this year and is the only good thing on offense right now. Josh McDaniels has brought in really good talent and has a very promising team on his hands. The refs have thrown questionable calls against the Broncos but have also thrown them in the Broncos’ favor as well. So what’s the problem? The problem is the fact that this is just not the Broncos’ season. The bad omen was set when Ryan Clady blew out his knee playing basketball. The bad omen continued when Elvis Dumervil was lost for the season and injuries just piled up during training camp. The O-line has not had a chance to gel due to injuries and youth and the D-line is struggling without sack master Doom. We need to support our Broncos because they have been cursed for the season. They are better than their record and the unfortunate solution to the problem is to wait for next season. 

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