Further Analysis Of The Baltimore Ravens


To get a better feel for the Baltimore Ravens I asked Conoon Kim from The Purple Chaos some questions about the team. Below, you will find his analysis as well as his prediction for the game. Here are my answers to Conoon’s questions. 

1. How can the Ravens effectively stop the Broncos passing game?

Pressuring the quarterback. It’s that simple. The Ravens need to mix up and disguise various blitz packages. Regardless of the number of sacks, the most important thing is to apply pressure on Kyle Orton. No quarterback in the league can effectively throw every one of his passes when a 350 lb. defensive lineman is running at you. The key in this game for the Ravens is to force Orton to make bad throws.
2. At one time, the Ravens were more of a rushing team, but now they’ve got the air attack carrying their offense. Why the shift in balance?

I think Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron is trying to develop young Joe Flacco early on in the season and prepare him for the playoffs. The past 2 years, the Ravens made the playoffs because they were great at running the ball. But since the Ravens lacked in the passing attack, they never could make it to the Super Bowl. The Ravens still have a great run game this year, but I think Cameron is using the beginning of the season to test Flacco and his abilities. With Anquan Boldin and T.J. Houshmandzadeh joining the team, this is a good opportunity for Flacco to develop some chemistry with his new receivers. Plus, this approach helps keep our backs fresh for late in the season.
3. What should the Broncos worry most about on defense?

Ray Rice and Anquan Boldin. They are the biggest play-makers on our offense. Rice has the ability to break out on any play, while Boldin has great route-running and catching-in-traffic skills. And let’s not forget who hands them the ball– Joe Flacco. The 3rd year Ravens quarterback is coming off 2 straight weeks of well-played games. The Broncos should look for Flacco to continue his streak.
4. What is your prediction for the game?

I do like the way Kyle Orton is playing right now; he finds his receivers quickly and delivers the ball on-target. Even with a tough defense like the Ravens, I will give the Broncos offense 17 points in this game. Unfortunately, without an efficient run game, they will struggle in the 4th quarter. Baltimore wins, 24-17.

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