Broncos Beat Seahawks In Record Setting Heat


Heat the gravy, mash the potatoes, and cream the corn because the Denver Broncos just roasted a bird on the hottest opening day ever at Invesco Field. The Broncos defeated the Seahawks 31-14 in a game that blew wide open before halftime. At 17-0, under a scorching Denver sun, all the Broncos needed to do was maintain the same intensity that they brought in the first half to secure their first win of the 2010 season.

The Broncos needed the win while the Seahawks were desperate to prove that their 31-6 stomping over the 49ers last week wasn’t just fluke. The Seahawks didn’t bring Sexy Back Hasselbeck or enough Seattle suave to the Mile High City.

Mr. Mistake-free (a.k.a. Kyle Orton) had another impressive performance going 25-35 for 307 yards and 2 TDs. Orton didn’t hear a “boo” on this day. On the flip side, Matt Hasselbeck threw 20-35 for 233 yards, 1 TD, and 3 INTs. In a game where limiting mistakes and ball control are so important, the Broncos forced 4 turnovers and controlled the clock (37:27 to 22:33). 

Tim Tebow has garnered the entire rookie spotlight thus far, but the Broncos other first round draft pick, Demaryius Thomas, had an amazing pro debut. He was the big beneficiary of Orton’s accurate arm. Forgetting Sarah Brandon Marshall is tough to do, but the only time fans thought of him was when they saw Thomas pulling in similar numbers Marshall did for the past few seasons. The rookie finished the day with 8 catches for 97 yards and a touchdown.

The other big receivers on the day were Eddie Royal and running back Knowshon Moreno. Royal had 5 catches for 65 yards and his first touchdown since the 2008 season. Just as Thomas was finding the gaps downfield, and Eddie was giving the Seahawks the Royal treatment, Moreno had 4 receptions for 67 yards with a giant 45 yard breakaway run. Moreno also carried the ball 24 times for 51 yards and a jaunt into the endzone.

It was a great day for the team offensively. The Seahawks held the 49ers to just two field goals and 263 yards of total offense while the Broncos lit up the scoreboard with 4 touchdowns and 369 yards of rock ’em, sock ’em, mock ’em offensive production.

Defense was filled with a similar pound them to the ground mentality. Just as Seattle was about to score from in the red-zone, Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins each had an interception. Talk about having two guys in the right place at the right time. This game could’ve been an offensive shoot-out and a cardiac event waiting to happen had Bailey and Dawkins not made those timely plays. Perrish Cox rounded out the INT trifecta when he picked off Hasselbeck in the final minutes of the game. Dawkins and Nate Jones led the team in tackles with 6 a piece while Jarvis Moss recorded the sole sack for the Broncos.

Special teams was a little Jekyll & Hyde, but much improved over last week’s performance. Cassius Vaughn recovered a fumbled punt at the Seattle 13 which allowed Royal to get in for the score. However, the kick coverage allowed us to see the golden legs of Golden Tate when he slipped a few tackles and took off for 63 yards on a punt return.

With win number one under our orange and blue belts, and a Colts’ team that has more offensive weapons than Germany in WWII, week 3 is bound to be a profound game for the Broncos. It’s a win before going on the road situation. It’s a horse vs. horse shoot-out, Wild West style, and I reckon’ the good guys will win.

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