Really Watch The Broncos Play With FanVision


If you’re attending Sunday’s game or any game this season, you have a lot to look forward to. Besides tailgating, cheering so loud your voice box shuts down, gulping some beer down, and seeing the Broncos play right in front of your very eyes, there’s a new way to enhance your visit to Invesco Field this season. 

FanVision is a hand-held video device that gives fans access to multiple channels of broadcast content in the stadium right from their seats. Besides the network telecast of the game, you will be able to view the game from multiple in-stadium camera angles. You will also have control of the instant replay channels (replays that aren’t shown on T.V. or on the stadium screen) and be able to view NFL Red Zone. Additionally, you can receive fantasy football updates, and out-of-town games. There’s even a Broncos cheerleader Cam that can keep you occupied during timeouts.

This device will make its debut at Invesco on Sunday, so buy now to enjoy this unique viewing experience for all eight Broncos home games. You can purchase the device at MOA or at to get an introductory rate of $199. The regular cost is $259 per device.

About FanVision:

FanVision offers the ultimate sports fan experience for in-stadium event viewing. The Company has partnered with twelve NFL teams and the University of Michigan to offer the device and services to attending football fans at all 2010 season home games.  FanVision provides revolutionary technology to offer fans personalized access to exclusive content during on-site sporting events.  FanVision devices are currently being used for Formula One, Le Mans, NASCAR and PGA Tour events.