Denver Broncos Timeline


Since the Broncos last took the field for a regular season game (Jan. 3 to be exact), a lot has happened to say the least. The Saints have won four games, the Winter Olympics came and went, “The Decision” referred to sports rather than politics, and news choppers circled Brett Favre’s Mississippi home waiting out his annual “Will I play or will I retire” conundrum.

In term of the Broncos, here’s a quick timeline for all that has happened in the off season. It’s important to review this information before they resume regular season play since each action or lack of action will have an impact on the season.

Jan 2010

  • The Broncos cap off the 2009 season with a loss to the Chiefs at home. That put them at 8-8 for the season, the same record that the ’08 squad achieved under Mike Shanahan.
  • RB Lance Ball signs. Ball has made the team after cuts and could see significant playing time if Knowshon Moreno or Correll Buckhalter get hurt.

February 2010 

  • Left tackle D’Anthony Batiste signs. Bastiste saw plenty of action in preseason as Ryan Clady’s temporary replacement.
  • Casey Wiegmann gets cut and picked up by Kansas City again. LaMont Jordan was also cut.

March 2010

  • Defensive linemen Justin Bannan signs. He was the first improvement made to a much smaller defensive line.
  • Jamal Williams and Jarvis Green sign to add to Bannan’s size on the line. 
  • J.J. Arrington signs and is later cut. 
  • WR Brandon Lloyd and Matt Prater re-sign.
  • Longtime offensive lineman Ben Hamilton declared as a free agent. He was picked up by Seattle.
  • Ty Law declared as a free agent.
  • In somewhat of a surprising move, Andra Davis gets cut.
  • Chris Simms gets cut.
  • Peyton Hillis is traded for Brady Quinn much to the chagrin of Denver fans.
  • Chris Kuper re-signs and gets a huge contract worth $25 million over 6 years.
  • Jason Elam signs just so he can retire as a Bronco.

 April 2010

  • Tony Scheffler and Brandon Marshall each re-signed a one year contract.
  • Tony Shceffler is traded to Detroit and Brandon Marshall is traded to Miami.
  • Kyle Orton re-signs a one contract.
  • Ryan Clady hears a snap, crackle, and pop in his knee while playing basketball. The injury requires surgery and keeps him out of most of training camp.
  • The Broncos draft the following players: DeMaryius Thomas, Tim Tebow, Zane Beadles, J.D. Walton, Eric Decker, Perrish Cox, Eric Olsen, Syd’quan Thompson, and Jammie Kirlew. 

May 2010

  • Elvis Dumervil re-signs a one year contract.
  • Syd’quan Thompson signs a four year contract.

June 2010

  • 3rd string QB Tom Brandstater gets cut.
  • Perrish Cox and J.D. Walton sign four year contracts.

July 2010

  • Elvis Dumervil signs his long awaited 6 year, $61.5 million contract.
  • Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Zane Beadles sign a 4 year contract.
  • Tim Tebow signs his 5 year, $9.7 million contract.

August 2010

  • LenDale White signs with the team after Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter go down with injuries on the first day of training camp.
  • Eyes of Denver fans tear when we hear Elvis Dumervil is out for the season with a torn pectoral muscle.
  • Justin Fargas signs for running back reinforcement, but is cut by the end of the month.
  • Training camp reveals that Kyle Orton will be the Broncos staring QB. He receives a one year contract extension worth $8.8 million.

September 2010

  • LenDale White is placed on the IR with a torn Achilles.
  • Brandon Stokley is placed on the IR with an undisclosed injury and is expected to be released.
  • CB Alphonso Smith is traded to Detroit for TE Dan Gronkowski. 
  • LeKevin Smith is cut.

September 12, 2010

  • Week one – To be determined!

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