Andre Goodman A Giant For The Broncos


There’s a reason why we need to know who Andre Goodman is. There’s a reason why other teams need to know who Andre Goodman is. That reason? Champ Bailey.

Andre Goodman spent his first year in Denver playing opposite Champ Bailey at right corner. Before coming to Denver, he played for Miami for three seasons and Detroit for four seasons.

Read between the lines. Just like the rest of the Broncos secondary, this corner isn’t a young whippersnapper anymore. At 32-yeas old, the Broncos have relied on Goodman in a unique way. No QB in their right mind is going to try throwing in Champ Bailey’s direction. The nine-time Pro Bowler keeps the left side of the field on lockdown. That’s why Goodman worked extra hard for his money last season and will need a repeat performance this season.

Goodman had 5 interceptions and 17 pass defections last season. The year before, in Miami, he had 5 interceptions, 19 pass deflections, and a forced fumble. In three preseason games this year, Goodman has 11 tackles, 1 pass deflection, and 1 INT.

Drafted in the 3rd round of the 2002 draft out of the University of South Carolina, Goodman battled a few injuries early on in his career. However, he’s started all 16 games for the past two seasons as a Bronco and as a Dolphin.

As young guys like Perrish Cox, Syd’Quan Thompson, and Alphonso Smith (all drafted within the last two years) attempt to have a successful NFL career, they’ve got no two better corners than Bailey and Goodman to study under. During training camp, both Bailey and Goodman would constantly talk to the young corners, especially after they made a mistake.

As Bailey and Goodman wind down their careers (hopefully finishing as Broncos), they are regarded as one of the best secondary duos in all of football. Don’t believe me? They combined for 118 tackles, 8 INTs, and 32 pass deflections last year alone.

Andre Goodman as been the Robin to the Batman, the Hutch to the Starsky, the Pippen to the Jordan, the Pauly D to The Situation. In the eyes of Broncos fans, Goodman and Bailey have a similar effect as a Xanax pill has – they reduce anxiety when a ball is thrown deep along the sidelines.

With the help of Champ, Goodman has looked like a stud and with the help of Goodman, Champ has looked like, well, a Champ.

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