Brandon Stokley Rises As A Leader


The one year anniversary of the “Immaculate Reception” is coming up just in time for the Denver Broncos to return to Cincinnati for another game. The catch by Brandon Stokley grabbed week 1 highlights and got the Broncos off on the right footing to begin their 2009 season 6-0.

Those are 87 yards that Stokley will never forget.

“That was one of my favorite plays of all time that I had. It was a right place, right time type of deal, but it definitely brings a smile to my face,” said Stokley after Thursday’s practice.

Stokley is entering his 12th year in the league, and he still knows the value of training camp and preseason games.

“My goal is to try to get better. Even though it’s the preseason, I’m trying to improve everyday out here during practice and especially the games. That’s when you get your real timing offensively and defensively. You want to feel good about yourself heading into that first game.”

With so many young receivers on this Bronco’s roster including two high profile draft picks in Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker, Stokley is more than willing to help the young guys develop.

“If they [rookies] ask for help, I’m willing to give it. We’ve got a lot of good young guys on this team, especially receivers that have asked for help and want help. That’s what makes it fun for me is guys that listen when you do tell them something.”

Mike Shanahan has praised Stokley throughout the years, calling him the “best slot receiver in football.”

With the Broncos slew of injuries at the position, Stokley has stepped up as Kyle Orton’s main target during training camp, yet some don’t consider him a lock to make the team.

As far as Stokley is concerned, “I know I’ve still got some good football left in me.”

Yes he does.

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