Inside Scoop From The Broncos P.M. Practice


The name of the game for this evening’s two hour practice was “revive.” The offense needed life again after Kyle Orton described the squad as “flat” this morning.

To get back on the right track, Orton could be found taking snaps from rookie J.D. Walton and running from sideline to sideline 20 minutes before practice officially started. 

As the clouds rolled in, there was a dampness in the air. Luckily for the team, they were in shorts. They wore shoulder pads and helmets, as this was to be less about the physical and more about the mental.

Champ Bailey, Brandon Stokley, and Brian Dawkins were back on the field after having the morning off. Dawkins came out in an orange “no contact” jersey, but was then told to put a regular blue jersey on.

D.J. Williams and Daniel Graham were among the notables that didn’t participate. Eddie Royal spent half of the time on the practice field, but then retreated to the locker room for unspecified reasons.

As usual, the sound system played music during warm ups. On tap was Poison, Matisyahu, and Diagable Planets.

The team broke down into positional drills with CBs and safeties going over coverage steps and linebackers going around rings placed on the ground to get to a fake QB. The linebackers could also be found trying to catch passes thrown into their chests at rapid speed by the coaches.

Practice runs like a Broadway show. With the equipment managers and ball/water boys as stagehands, the show wouldn’t go on without them.

Justin Fargas looked good tonight. His knee is looking strong and a running backs coach took him aside for some individual work. He saw more reps than he did in the morning.  

In 11-on-11 drills, Kyle Orton threw a beautiful pass to Brandon Stokley for about a 40 yard gain. In a subsequent play, Champ Bailey picked off an Orton pass intended for Stokley. The other Orton interception came from Andre Goodman.

The corners were looking mighty strong this evening, but Orton had his moments too. He orchestrated a nice 2 minute drive to end practice which ended with a pass to Brandon Lloyd at the 10 yard line. 

The entire team took part in 100 yard sprints to put the coda on the day. As usual, Tim Tebow lead his group while rookie DL Ben Garland was lengths beyond the big guys. Got to love seeing the rookies work until the very end.

As the team exited the field, Brady Quinn and Brandon Stokley could be seen tossing passes to Stokley’s kids, possibly grooming a future generation of Broncos.

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